Inspired by insightful studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with the remarkable Margaret Rowell, Joanne’s goal has been to attain a depth of understanding into the natural sense of fluidity and balance required to play the cello.


With a sense of fun, lightness, and creativity, nothing gives Joanne greater satisfaction than helping each student realize their potential and discover their own musical voice. A highly experienced teacher, Joanne has taught for the Lethbridge Symphony String Instrument Program, the University of Lethbridge Conservatory, the Cedar Park String Program, the Music Education Department at the McGill University Faculty of Music, and as both small ensemble and section coach for the West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra.

An accredited Suzuki cello instructor, Joanne teaches in her private studio in Pointe-Claire using her extensive experience in both the Suzuki and traditional approaches to the cello.

Joanne is experienced at preparing students for exams, festivals and auditions.

Joanne also is an experienced teacher of the Music for Young Children program of early childhood musicianship and piano instruction.